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Their Satanic Majesties Request

NPS - 2

Satanic was also pressed in UK on the London label for export to Japan. The LP’s were pressed 1967 or 1968. All LP’s has the grooved label.

Us catalogue number NPS-2 was used. LP, inner bag and sleeve were all made in UK and exported as ready to sell LP’s.

Back Cover

UK catalogue number TSX 103 was replaced with the US number NPS-2.

Label versions

Satanic for export to Japan was only made in Stereo.

Design No 4 (NPS2/S1/D4/V1) (NPS2/S2/D4/V1)

Design No 4 /Version 2 (NPS2/S1/D4/V2) (NPS2/S2/D4/V2)

This label has a slightly bigger space in between the speed, side and catalog number and the silver Stereophonic bar. It also has an additional cross on both sides of the tape number above the catalog number.

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