Stones on DECCA


Mono LL3420

Issued in US on February 12th 1965

Rolling Stones Now! was also pressed in UK on the London label for export to USA. Only Mono LP’s were made. The LP’s were put into UK made inner bags and then shipped to US. On arrival there, they were put into US made covers.

Vinyl versions

No variations has been found on the vinyl. All LP’s pressed are the same

Cover versions

There are two versions of the back cover existing. The text written by Andrew Loog Oldham on NOW! is the same text as on the UK No2. This is the text that includes the famous “Blind Man” statement. The US made sleeve for this LP is also found with the same censorship as the UK No2. So, both the long original text version and the sensored short version is existing with a UK made LP inside an US made sleeve!

Nonsensored original text

Sensored text

Inner Bag

The inner bags were manufactured in UK. Only white London ffrr bags were used on Now!

Label versions

NOW! was pressed in rather small quantities and only one version is known to exist. The label has the long “Made In England By The Decca Record Co LTD” top print version.

Design No 2 / version 1

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