Stones on DECCA

England's Newest Hitmakers


The first US issue ”England’s Newest Hitmakers” was manufactured in UK by Decca and shipped to US. The reason why they pressed some of the LP’s in UK is not known. The US catalogue number was used and the London Record logo was on the LP. They were put into London bags in UK and sent to US. On arrival they then put the LP’s into US made stock covers.

Both stock red label and Promo white label LP’s were pressed. The promo copy had sticker on the front cover ”Promotion Copy Not For Sale”. Both the Promo and stock versions had the poster included and the poster text on the front cover.

Cover versions / Promo Sticker

The Promo cover had a sticker “PROMOTION COPY NOT FOR SALE”.


All early printings had the poster included.


The innerbag used is a London Record bag printed in Great Britain.

Some early Promo copies are aslo found in the standard Decca ”Handling” bag, version no 2 on the innerbag identification page.

Label versions

Several label versions are existing on Hitmakers. Both “Made In England” and “Made In England By Decca Record Company” on the upper part of the label can be found as well as font differences.

Design 1, version 1 / Promo copy

The Promo copy had white labels.

Design 1, version 1 / Stock copy

Made In England. Side one and two has different text fonts.

Design 2, version 1

Made In England By The Decca Record Co LTD.

Combination of Design No 2 and No 1

Hit Makers is also know to exist with a combination of short and long Made In England.