Stones on DECCA

12 x 5

LL3402 Mono / PS 402 Stereo

The second US LP, 12×5 was also pressed in UK by Decca for export to US. The LP’s were put into London inner bags and shipped to US. The LP’s were then put into original US made sleeves.

Cover versions

The very first copies of this one made in England has a cover with the same picture as the first LP, Rolling Stones No1 LK4605, with additional text Rolling Stones 12 x 5. The reason for this was probably that the final cover design was not ready yet when the first LP’s were pressed. The cover was then quickly changed into the correct official us 12X5.

Front and back of the first “Demo” cover. Both Mono and Stereo versions are existing of this “demo” cover.

Mono cover

Stereo cover


The innerbag used on 12×5 was usually brown. Some records can also be found in the standard white bag. This was the only Decca pressed Rolling Stones London LP that used the brown bag.

Some of the early LP’s with the first test cover version did also come with the original Decca inner bag.

Label versions

A few label versions are existing of 12×5. Both the short and long versions of “Made In England” can be found.

Mono labels

Design No 1 / version 1

Top text: Made In England
Font: Arial looking font style

Design No 2 / version 1

Top text: Made In England By The Decca Record Co. LTD
Font: Arial looking font style

Design No 2 / version 2

Top text: Made In England By The Decca Record Co. LTD
Font: Times New Roman looking font style

Stereo label

Design No 3 / version 1

Made In England as top text.

Design No 4 / version 1

Made In England By The Decca Record Co LTD as top text. This label was found in November 2011. This LP has the long version on side one and the short version on side two. The long version on side two is yeat to be found but as we now have located one label of side one, then the probability that side two aslo exists with the long text is there. This LP is in the RollingTom collection.

Design No 14 / version 1

The album 12 x 5 was released and sold for the first time in England in 1984 as pert of Decca / Polydors re-release of old Decca albums. The album got a new catalog number, LKD 5335,  and the standard new label used on all the 1984 releases.

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