Stones on DECCA

Foreign pressings with UK made pressing plates

Decca UK was manufacturing large quantities of pressing plates for their own factory in New Malden, London. Not all of the plates were used for their own record production. Decca did also export some of their plates to other Decca companies. This page is presenting records pressed in other countries using UK made pressing plates.

UK plates are rather easy to identify as most of the countries that manufactured their own pressing plates were using slightly different style of letters and numbers as well as a slightly different logic of how the off-groove data was looking like and the position of the markings on the off-groove area. Just compare the markings with an original UK Decca LP.

Let It Bleed / SKLI 5025 / Made in Italy

This Italian Let It Bleed has original Italian made labels but the pressing plates used are made in England.

Matrix number on this one is XZAL-9363.P-6W. The second picture shows the mother number stamped at 9 a clock, 2 B