Stones on DECCA

Introduction to the section Basic LP info

The Manufacturing Process

This section presents very shortly the manufacturing process at Decca. The presentation is largely based on information that I received from Mr George Bettyes who worked at Decca studios in the 60’s. He was one of the engineers who did the cutting of grooves into laquer discs.

Matrix Numbers

This section presents the logic behind all the off groove markings on the vinyl. The numbers gives you a lot of information related to the manufacturing process and can also give an indication on the time of pressing of the vinyl. Again much of the information comes direct from the Decca Sound Studios and Mr George Bettyes.

Basic DECCA Information

This section presents some basic data on labels used during the 60’s and 70’s at Decca. What is a non-boxed and a boxed label? What is a grooved label and a non-grooved label?

DECCA label design

There are so many changes done to the label design during the roughly 20 years that Decca was pressing Rolling Stones record. I have tried to create some kind of catalog system to identify main types ( design) of labels that would then have a number of version. The numbering system helps in identifying the labels but is in no way a perfect way of documenting them.

DECCA Inner bags

Inner bags has never been regarded as an important item of the LP. So many swaps of inner bags has taken place during its lifetime. This page gives you an idea on which type of inner bag the LP had when delivered from the pressing plant.

Basic London LP Information

This section presents basic information on London labels used for export LP’s pressed at Decca plant in UK.

London Label Design

This Page identifies different designs used for London export labels at Decca.

London Inner Bags

A few versions of  inner bags used with London label LP’s are presented on this page.

Belgian Matrix Numbers

An interesting deviation from the standard UK albums are presented on this page. LP’s with UK Decca labels has been found with Belgian Matrix numbers in the off groove area.

Foreign pressings

Decca exported pressing plates to Decca companies in other countries. This page presents foreign pressings done with pressing plates made by Decca in England

Test pressings

Test pressings and acetates is a very difficult section to get into. So many fakes are on the market and it is very difficult to tell fakes from originals. I will not go into too much of details here as I do not want to feed the counterfeiters with too much of information….. Only basic info on what kind of acetates and test pressings are existing.

DECCA Logos covered up

Decca shipped some unsold LP’s and singles to USA in the end of 60’s. Decca logos could not be used on disc being sold in USA. More of this can be found in the section.

DECCA vs London

This section is just a clarification on the differences on Stones LP’s released in the UK and in the US in the 60’s.