Stones on DECCA


And by the way, there are a few collectors out there who has kindly helped me with information and pictures.

Especially I would like to thank the following collectors:

Patrik Ståhl / jpstech for helping me in creating this new version of the page.

Hendrik Mulder who has helped me with many nice label versions and who has given me access to his fantastic collection. 

Mr John Rutherford aka “stone-relics” in The States, you are the greatest of great collectors.

Julian Hardiman from UK who published a book of his own on all Stones releases in UK up to current time.

George Bettyes from UK, who worked at Decca in the 60’s has given me valuable information and updates on the production process of LP’s at Decca.

Karl Zolles from Austria who pointed out that there are two publishers on Honest I Do.

Peter Hinds from Australia, thanks for giving me the story on Promotional Album AND the octagonal Satanic sleeve!!

Luca Accialini from Italy who has written several books on Stones records. Always nice to exchange information.

Pascal from France, aka “Honestman”

Vanni  from Italy

Malcolm Charles from UK

Jean Philippe Bezombes from France

Kristof Delarue aka “Dartford” from Belgium

Stefaan Delarue aka “steffiestones” from Belgium

John Villanova from Yonkers New York

Sal D’Amico from Texas

Stuart Leitch from UK 

Teemu Toropainen from Finland

Johan van Breeden

Robert Coyne from UK

Jarmo Ronkainen from Finland

Jeff Gold from California

Franck Duminy from France

Geir Hornes from Oslo Norway

Daniel Howells

Luc van der Veken aka Kapel from Belgium.

Thierry Deler

Emilio from Italy and his stonesworldcollection.blogspot

Giorgio Bosio from Italy

Henry Reivonen from Kaarina Finland

Jokke Nurmi from Lohja Finland

Dmitry Bukhvostov, Germany

Finn Björn Guttesen from Norway

Harald Bartsch from Austria

Jon Gilbert from England

Rainer Bergfeld

Reinold Boedecker

Roland Radtke from Germany

Thomas Grosh

Leo Wubbolt, Belgian pressing plates

Aleksandr Kotlyar

Robert Bob Abbot, “Barry” on TXS101

Daniel Nagel Germany, LIB label

John Colley, UK, Beggars label

Lucas Koning NK for SKL7425 label

Lars Kärrbäck, LK4661 labels

Tim Geneman, Italian records with UK plates

Luuk Versluijs, new labels for LIB and 12×5

Tom Stravopoulos, Chicago, several labels

Fellow Nordic Stonesvikings that has contributed as well are:

Robert Lindmark aka “Rob”

Olle Wiman aka “elmowiman”

Ville Örtendahl aka “Mickijaggeroo”

Tommy Palmqvist aka “RollingTom”

Torgny Almholt aka “TG”


Thank You guys for your support!



PS, and as always, I may have forgot to put some names here.
I did have a mailbox crash a few years back and lost some communication…